We know that everyone has their own style and shooting preferences––but, we take great pride in the equipment we choose to purchase and use on a consistent basis. 
For our high quality, unmatched looks, and performance ability in the field, Ollie & Panda Films undoubtedly chooses RED Digital Cinema, Canon, Inc., SmallHD, and Tilta.

RED DSMC2 Helium 8K S35.

Canon EOS R5.

Canon 1Dx Mark II.

Canon 5D Mark IV.

SmallHD 1703 (Production).

SmallHD Focus (On-Board).

RED DSMC2 Pro Touch Monitor.

Canon 100 - 400mm.

Canon 70 - 200mm.

Canon 100mm Macro.

Canon 24 - 70 mm (Alpha)

Canon 16 - 35mm.

Canon 50mm. Etc.

RED Mini-Mags (480GB).

KomputerBay C-Fast (256GB).

Anton Bauer. Etc.